Trouble Cure – Pimple Patch (6pcs)

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Acropass Trouble Cure is the best solution for skin troubles – pimples and acne.

By making a direct penetration of the active ingredients into the skin, the cause of the skin trouble is eliminated. Restore your skin’s youth with the unique microneedle technologies of Acropass.

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Step 1: After cleansing the face, pat dry before attaching the patch.
Step 2: Sterilise the area with the alcohol swab.
Step 3: Remove the protecting film (white colour) from the patch, avoid touching the micro-needles.
Step 4: Attach the patch to the preferred location of the face.
Step 5: Press down the centre of the patch with your fingers several times.

It is recommended that you remove the patch after a minimum of 2 hours for complete efficiency or leave on overnight.

Swab- Step 1

Ethanol, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf oil, Salicyc Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate

Microneedle – Step 2

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Oligopeptide-76, Sodium Hydroxide

  1. Thomas Nguyen

    This pimple patch has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions! I woke up on Wednesday with a small but sore pimple growing on my face. To make matters worse, it was a few days out from an important weekend. Luckily I had these patches on hand and 2 overnight patches later, the pimple was gone. Just in time for the weekend! I rate it and would buy again instead of wasting my money on drug store clearasil.

  2. Kat

    I love this product.. PREACHHHH!! Has flattened my pimples over night/ during the day. Might need to use another patch but I’d rather have this patch on than a bulging red/ pussy pimple whilst out and about! What an invention. It sucks out the oils and deflates the trouble spot… Amazing. Make sure there is no air going into the patch or left over cream/ oils underneath the sticky part of the patch as I think that effects the insulation and the patch needs that to work! Also, stick it on when there are oils for it to suck out.. That’s what the patch does!! Great present too, I literally buy them in bulk and take them with me whilst travelling. Always comes handy in case a nasty pimple decides to creep into my life over night!!

  3. Anita Kim.

    My go to whenever i get those nasty random TOM pimples, honestly a life saver my pimple was completely gone within 2 days. Definitely something everyone should always have on deck for emergencies, no need to buy expensive drying lotions or cream when you have fast acting patches

  4. Rebecca

    For the longest time I have been diagnosed with severe rosacea on a small area of my face on both sides next to my nose. I have gone to endless professional laser treatments which helps it to flatten out for a few days before appearing up again.
    My first encounter with acropass was actually used for two large pimple in the same area, I applied it twice a day for three days. On the second day I noticed that under my rosacea was a lot of congestion, which by the third day of using acropass it had extracted so much sebum that was hidden and deep within my skin.
    My rosacea is completely gone and I finally feel so much more confident and better about myself.
    Anytime a pimple is appearing acropass is my go to, it’s apart of my lifestyle now!

  5. Jackie

    I’ve always had regular pimples on my face, everywhere but my cheeks. I’ve used everything a doctor could recommend as I have also suffered severe acne issues in the past. One of my most used products is a drying lotion and I sometimes swap that out for oxy as both are very drying to the skin. After being introduced to acropass I have not touched any other pimple cream at all! Acropass does not dry out my skin, it completely extracts the gunk and it’s roots out of the pimple, Pain free AND no scars! I also have a terrible habit of touching my pimples to see if the creams I’ve used as been effective which can easily transmit germs and infect the pimple even more. But with acropass even when I do touch it I know I’m worry free ?
    Cannot preach this product enough to my family and friends, I hope anyone who suffers from pimples can come across this amazing product / invention too. <3

  6. Karla

    These patches did absolutely nothing, save your money.

  7. sara.belani

    I have the worst luck when it comes to break outs! Every-time I have an event or even if I’m just feeling myself… BAM! A pop-up pimple! And not just a small one, with out a doubt it is always the size of my thumb! When I first heard about these patches I wasn’t so sure… I had heard of reviews of other (overpriced) brands and thought nah… but after seeing some results on Kokobeauty’s insta page I had to try! Best. Decision. Ever! It not only reduces the size of the pimple, but also the redness and its overall appearance! But the thing that has me so convinced it works, is that I can actually feel it. The micro-needles don’t hurt, but you know they are doing their thang! I go to bed with a monster on my face, but I feel reassured that my Acropass Trouble Cure will save the day… and that is an amazing feeling!

  8. Serena

    Helps cover, protect and heal my pimples 🙂 There are not many options for pimple cure which sometimes leads to a bad habit of picking them! However I find that picking/popping them only makes them worse as it can leave scarring. May take a few extra patches for those really stubborn pimples.

  9. Trang

    Hi there,

    I have recently purchased the acropass – pimple “trouble cure”, it gives you an effective results and pimples are diminished!!! What an excellent job. A treatment needed when you have a party coming up or a date night or even just to pamper yourself!!!!

    I would purchase this again!!! Thanking you for this amazing product 🙂

  10. Shauny

    These are fantastic!
    They work quickly and effectively on spots that have come to a head or are still just under the skin. My skin reacts well to derma-rolling, so these patches are excellent!!

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