Acropass Ageless Lifter

The simple anti-aging wrinkle patch

Combat wrinkles and smooth out fine lines with Acropass Ageless Lifter patches. Effectively deliver Hyaluronic Acid and nobel prize winning compound Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to wrinkle zones. Together they improve skin elasticity and help skin regeneration to help you look and feel younger.

  • Dissolving microneedle technology.
  • Results as soon as 2 overnight patches.
  • For all skin types experiencing the symptoms of ageing.
  • Free of fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, and silicone.
  • Includes: 8 contour shaped patches

A patch for every wrinkle

Custom shaped patches to match the contours of your face for a perfect fit.

Eyezone Care

Eyezone Care

Target stubborn crow's feet with a patch shaped for under the eyes.

$99.00 In stock

Smilezone Care

Smilezone Care

Smile with confidence by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles here.

$99.00 In stock

Multi Spot Care

Multi Spot Care

Target any wrinkle anywhere with a Multi Spot Care patch.

$55.00 In stock

Trusted Ingredients

Trusted ingredients

No harmful ingredients or long and complex formulas. Acropass delivers trusted nutrients by simply focusing on 3 active ingredients with track records and studies of success.

Smarter delivery and absorbtion

Smarter delivery & absorbtion

With 13 patents, Acropass is the world leader in disolving microneedles. Achieving structurally perfect microneedles with no loss or deformation of active compounds.

Simple and pain free

Simple & pain free

Simply apply your Acropass patch before bedtime and overnight your skin will absorb the regenerative nutrients. Finally a non invasive solution to anti-aging.

Heal your skin with dissolving microneedle technology

Unlike traditional patches that slowly absorb at the surface, or serums and creams that are simply smeared on. Acropass’s dissolving microneedles deliver skin regenerative ingredients and nutrients directly into your skin layers for maximum absorbtion.

Acropass Microneedle Technology

Dissolving microneedles magnified

How to use

Simply apply before bed


Cleanse your face

Prepare the targeted area by cleansing your face with your favourite cleanser. You may also use the included  swab to spot cleanse the affected acne area. Then completely dry the area by removing as much moisture as possible.


Prepare your patch

Remove the white protective film with dry hands, making sure not to touch the microstructures of the patch. Hold the edge of the patch.


Apply your patch

Position the patch over the centre of the targeted area then press down with your fingers several times to attach it. Do not slide on the patch as this will damage the microstructures.


Heal your skin

Get some beauty sleep in while your skin absorbs the regenetive nutrients overnight (or put it on for a minimum of 2 hours). When you wake up, remove the patch and finish with your favourite toner.

Continue your Acropass patch treatment until you are happy with your skin condition.


What others are saying

  1. Sally

    I absolutely love these eye patches! They contain hyaluronic acid that moisturises and promotes anti ageing. They also contain epidermal growth factor that helps with healing of damaged skin cells. I apply these at night and sleep with them on and when I wake up in the morning, my eyes are plump and moisturised. You can see there is residue when you peel them off. I simply pat it into my skin for extra absorption and I feel so refreshed and renewed. I highly recommend them!

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