Born and raised in Sydney by Korean parents, I was brought up to understand and appreciate Korean traditions. One of these traditions include the importance of skincare. From a young age I was surrounded by women who were obsessed with the latest skincare/makeup that would help them achieve radiant, dewy and youthful skin. This is because Koreans believe that healthy and glowing skin is the best measure of beauty.

Like most teenagers my skin went through changes, battling pimples and sensitive skin. From a young age I was programmed into a simple skincare routine without completely understanding the process. Unlike my Western friends, I didn’t wear any heavy makeup throughout high school – especially foundation (I got away with tinted moisturiser). As I grew older, I developed an interest in skincare products trying out generic brands from the local supermarket to high-end products from department stores. After trying all kinds of products under the sun, I found myself coming back to Korean skincare.

With my interest and passion in skincare, I nurtured my skin to overcome any skincare troubles. I frequently get asked about my skincare routine, which products I am using and any skincare tips. I was surprised to find that many people around me (including men and women) didn’t understand the importance of skincare. This essentially drove me to create Koko Beauty.

Koko Beauty began as a passion, an interest that blossomed over time. My goal is to spread the importance of taking care of your skin through products that work. Beauty is not only in makeup, improving your skin condition will empower you. No matter your age, gender or skin troubles you are experiencing lets work towards achieving that flawless skin you’ve always dreamt of.

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